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Work in Norway

For the packaging of chocolate, we recruit men and women
The work is not difficult.
vacancy: Packing of chocolate bars. Load is NOT HUGE CRANKS (3-4kg) on ​​the pallet redistribution of marriages Prepacking Chocolate Tiles Collection of paper containers Shipping to send
requirements: Men, women, couples Permit documents for departure to Europe Age up to 50 years English proficiency is welcomed. NOT NECESSARILY Accommodation, registration: Housing is 120 euro / month Accommodation for 2 people conditions: Official registration for a subsidiary Salary 1400 € (after taxes) Advance payment is possible after 2 weeks of work Salaries are paid until the 10th of each month Take a job
Additional Information: we meet provide housing We help to arrange the necessary documents Open an account in a bank We advise on current labor legislation.

Packingof seafood in Norway.
Legal work in Norway from the plant! Fish of Norwey is recruiting staff to work at a fish processing plant in Norway, to work the city of Oslo (warehouses of finished products) for packing, packing, sorting, shrimp, crab and fish products. Working day is 8 hours, on Saturday short day until 13.00 Sunday output. The sex of an employee does not matter, we give preference to married couples when typing. Workers without bad habits, responsible! Workers mixed to work with the Poles, Lithuanians, Moldovans, there is no language barrier, knowledge of the language is not required.
Accommodation hostel on the plant’s teritory for 2-3 people at the expense of the plant! The company created European working conditions, in the rooms of the Internet, a shower cubicle and an extra kitchen for two rooms for cooking (for those who want to make tea coffee or a light breakfast) Dining dining room on the plant’s terrace with two meals a day (the first and second) Food at the plant’s expense is not deductible from the salary! Salary depending on the shift, first shift day salary Wage 2200 Euro clean, second shift night Wage rate 2400 Euro per month (8 hours shift) Contract with its employees we conclude for 6 months, the factory pays for the employee a round-trip flight, We take on the costs of the embassy, pay for the Norwegian insurance,

The builders

Location: Norway Types of jobs: Installation of gypsum plasterboard structures; Putty; Formwork; Masonry of tiles; Paint robots.

Requirements: Men from 20 to 55 years; With work experience of 2 years; Conscientious approach to the duties performed; Knowledge of the language is not necessary; Without bad habbits. The employer offers: Remuneration: 6 euro / hour; Working hours: 8-12 hours, 5-6 days a week. Accommodation is free of charge.

Official duties:
Work at the construction site
Work on furniture production
Production of frame houses
The passport of the European Union
Age to 55 years
Minimum 5 years of work experience
Knowledge of English at the level of B1-B2
We offer:
Work 8-10 hours / day 5-6 days a week
Income 2200-2400 € / month net (after taxes)
The salary is paid on the 15th day
Special clothing is provided
Accommodation, registration:
Accommodation in a comfortable house with all conveniences for 2 people in a room, payable from the first salary 150 € / person
Additional Information:

We meet
We provide accommodation
We help to draw up the necessary documents
Open a bank account
We advise on the current labor legislation

Work in fisheries Salmon packaging requires men, women, couples. The essence of the work: packing and weighing fish, seafood. Remuneration: 12 Є / hour NET, Work schedule 10 hours a day, 5 days a week. Housing provides the employer free of charge, a house with all amenities. The road to Norway is at the employer’s expense.

Norway  The job is to sort and knit the cables, sort the parts and complete the application, all this is taught in a week! Work for 10 hours 5 days a week Saturday and Sunday off! Official employment! Accommodation in a hostel for 4 people in a room For couples separate rooms Employment takes 3 weeks Requirements: 20 to 50 years old Physically healthy!

Work in Norway in the Fishing Industry. Conditions of employment and a response letter.  We need men, women, and also, couples to work in Norway for a fish factory. Responsibilities: packing, packing, pickling seafood, preparation for transport and storage. Age categories: from 18 to 60 years. Language: Russian, (English or Norwegian – will be a plus, but you do not need to know). Conditions of work and payment: Work in the system 8 hours a day / 5 days a week (you can work on Saturday). Payment 12 EUR / hour net on hand NET (after payment of taxes). There are processing as a 9th and a 10th hour and work on a Saturday. Recycling is paid at a 50 percent higher rate. The vacancy is designed for citizens of Ukraine and all CIS countries except the Baltic countries. The employer sends an invitation to open working Norwegian visas. Legal employment. Vacancy paid I’ll be up to the end of SUMMER in Norway ….While I’m here it is easier for me to resolve issues with documents.


In the Polish hotel and restaurant complex on the shore of the Baltic Sea in the resort town of Morska Krynycia requires a cook with experience.
Payment: 4000 zl per hand (net) per month, 9-10 working hours per day, one day a week – a day off.
Accommodation with all amenities on site in the hotel – free of charge. Meals in the restaurant are free of charge. Requirements: a Polish work visa for 5-6 months, work experience, knowledge of Polish cuisine, spoken Polish. Work is official, the employment contract directly with the Polish firm .

Work in Finland

We need young people under 29 years old to work on farms of 15-20 km from city Yuvyaskyulya (Finland) on strawberry collection, currant, fruit and vegetables from 1.06.2018 till 28/08/2018.

We take on biometrics.

Accommodation in evrovagonchikah.

Meals at their own expense.

Payment: EUR 9 per hour (brutto)
Type of employment: full-time
Work experience: no work experience

Vacancy: Collecting forest berries (blueberries, cloudberries, lingonberries)

Workplace: northern Finland Set of 500 people. (from all over Ukraine + Belarus).
Requirements: activity, endurance . Men, women, couples. Age from 18 to 60 years.
Language skills: not required
Salary: Daily cash 50-100 euros, depends on the volume of collected and surrendered berries.
Beginning of the season: blueberries1,50 € / kg, at the end of the season 2,10 € / kg. Cowberry 0,80 € / kg – 1,15 € / kg. Frozen from 5. € to 10 €.
Work schedule: Not standardized. Candidates themselves plan their working day. Term of the contract: 2-3 months
Start date: Depends on the ripening of berries. July 2018.
Responsibilities: The more a candidate surrenders the berries, the more he earns.
Work Experience: Not required.
Accommodation: At the expense of the candidate. In cottages The bathroom and kitchen are shared. Budget option 6-7 euros / day. There are comfortable options from 12 euros / day per person . The rental of the accommodation is agreed upon up on arrival on the spot with the employer.
Meals: It is possible to cook in the communal kitchen. Products buy at a local store.
Additional information: Work on the biometric passport, as well as in the presence of a tourist visa.
Additional expenses: Rent a car for picking berries 30 euro / day for 4 people. Refueling the car at your own expense. Candidates can go by their car. Harvesting equipment (grabber). Price: 6 euros-usual or 30 euro-professional. The road Ukraine – Finland: 100 euros. Travel to the workplace: Organized, in groups of 55-75 people. Comfortable buses such as Neoplan , Mercedes

The changes in the rules for the employment of foreigners come into force in Poland

Changes in the rules for the employment of foreigners come into force in Poland from January 1.

The corresponding draft law has been adopted, in particular, with the aim of bringing the Polish legislation in accordance with the Directive of the European Parliament No. 2014/36 / EC of 26 February 2014 “On the conditions for entry and stay of third-country nationals for the purpose of employment as a seasonal worker”.

from January 1, 2018, the rules for registering applications for the intention to provide employment to an alien and the employer’s responsibility have been amended.

Statement of intention to use a foreigner:

may concern industries that are not related to permits for seasonal work, the employer must notify the employment agency of the arrival of the employee to work (not later than the day of commencement of work) or his non-arrival (within 7 days from the date of anticipated start date specified in the application) , when comparing the conditions of work execution, the periods registered in the application are taken into account. Therefore, if you completed the work earlier than indicated in the application, it is recommended to inform the employment agency about this. This can be done in person or through your employer. Note. To provide false information, a fine is imposed.


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