Jobs in Polska


We need specialists: iron binder, with work experience.

Payment 15 – 20 zł / hour
Accommodation is free for 4 people

We need workers for buildings as with experience so without experience.

Men from 25 years old
Physical work, heavy
Payment – 12 zł./hour.
Accommodation and meals are free of charge.

Specialists are needed: SLEESARI

Place of work – New Targ
Men with work experience of 5 years!
Salary is 18-25zl/ per hour.
Work with lathes or machines CNC

Free job vacancies for women, men, couples on EUROPACT.

We need workers at the Europalet factory.
The place of work is in Jordananow (the outside of Krakow)
Payment – 10-11 zł / hour.
work continues in 3 shifts, the opportunity to work is for 12-16 hours
Accommodation – 300zl.

Free vacancies for women, men, couples in MEAT-COMBINE.

Looking for workers at the meat-packing plant
Place of work – Jablonka
Meals – free of charge (2 times)
Accommodation – 250 zl.
– working on the slaughtering of goods (men)
Payment is 15 zł / hour.
– an employee for packing meat (10 men, 10 women)
Remuneration – 12 zł / hour.
– an employee for cleaning slaughter (10 men, 10zhen)
Payment – 10 zł / hour.
– an employee for the analysis and packing of birds (5 men, 5zhen)
Remuneration – 12 zł / hour.
– driver C, C + E (10 men)
Payment – 15 zl / hour. (work for 12 years)

We need specialists: WELDERS.

Place of work – Lodz, New Targ
Men with work experience of 5 years, TIV certificate
Wages – 18-25l / hour.
Accommodation is free of charge.

Specialists are needed: joinery (PILOOR)

Place of work – Piekielnik, Jablonka
Payment up to – 10-13 zł / hour.
Accommodation – 300zl./ month

We need specialists: Masons(bricklayers) in the city of Lodz, New Targ.

Men with work experience 1 – 3 years
Payment up to 15 -20 zł / hour
Work per month from 260 to 300 hours
Accommodation is free for 4 people.

Vacancy in Warsaw-Poland.

Salary 17 zl /hour,
1.French dough specialist (4 vacancies);
2. The baker of the torts/cakes (4 vacancies);
3.Cooker (4 vacancies);
4. Shaura / Grill Specialist (4 vacancies);
5. Helpers in the kitchen (salary 13.5 zl / hour) (4 vacancies);
Meals twice a day, accommodation: hostel 500 zl/month


Company evrocash.
To the warehouse, to collect orders.
There for development, from 100 to 160 for 10-12 hours.
Who will collect as many orders per day.
Accommodation 200 per month

The changes in the rules for the employment of foreigners come into force in Poland

Changes in the rules for the employment of foreigners come into force in Poland from January 1.

The corresponding draft law has been adopted, in particular, with the aim of bringing the Polish legislation in accordance with the Directive of the European Parliament No. 2014/36 / EC of 26 February 2014 “On the conditions for entry and stay of third-country nationals for the purpose of employment as a seasonal worker”.

from January 1, 2018, the rules for registering applications for the intention to provide employment to an alien and the employer’s responsibility have been amended.

Statement of intention to use a foreigner:

may concern industries that are not related to permits for seasonal work, the employer must notify the employment agency of the arrival of the employee to work (not later than the day of commencement of work) or his non-arrival (within 7 days from the date of anticipated start date specified in the application) , when comparing the conditions of work execution, the periods registered in the application are taken into account. Therefore, if you completed the work earlier than indicated in the application, it is recommended to inform the employment agency about this. This can be done in person or through your employer. Note. To provide false information, a fine is imposed.


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