Study in Europe

Study in Europe

The benefits of learning in our school:
1. Really good qualified personnel who teach our students. (Teachers themselves were often in the examination board and therefore, when teaching their subjects, they pay attention to what they can get on the exam).
2. The school has chosen the most relevant and necessary professions that it teaches: Administration Technician (studying Polish law and how to conduct business in Poland), Rahunkov’s Technician (accounting), Cosmetic Services Technician (cosmetics is very much in demand on the Polish market, moreover, every woman can To go through this course for herself, she learns everything about her skin, how to properly care for it at every time of the year).
3. Practice (our students are looking for a place for themselves. This is done so that they can if they want to find a paid practice).
4. The possibility of combining work with study (inpatient classes at our school begin from 17-18.00 and end at 19-20.00).
5. The possibility of obtaining legitimization from the school (up to 26 years of age, legitimization gives discounts on travel in transport, with legitimization, you can find a better paying job).
6. Education in our school is completely free, moreover, we make the documents on the basis of which you make yourself a student visa.
7. Our school also provides documents on the map byby.
8. At our school, there is also the opportunity for everyone to learn Polish free of charge, as well as free admission to the swimming pool.
9. If desired, you can also attend first aid courses.
10. After graduation, students can pass exams at will, and find a job.

Are you looking for a job abroad? Look how to avoid an unfair employer

Many people decide to go abroad to work in search of suggestions not only in employment centers, intermediary agencies, but also in “their own” or through advertising on the Internet and in the press.

What to look for in order to avoid trouble?

Check your employer. View the employer’s website, try to find out the views of other employees about the employer by browsing relevant Internet forums. Watch for offers where only the phone number is provided. Use the services of employment offices, the Voluntary Work Building or employment agencies.

Check if the agency has a document confirming its legality, for example a certificate – a list of certified Polish employment agencies can be found on the website;

Make sure that the agency has an agreement with a foreign employer and that he has experience in the direction of working abroad. Does he have a representative in the country where he sent you. Before you leave, ask for phone numbers from your foreign employer and coordinator so that you can deal with them with the working conditions;


Let's spot and treat them!

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